Transmission Interrupted Enters Production

16th February 2014

Transmission Interrupted Principle Photography

Despite some of the worst storms on record blowing through the day before, Transmission Interrupted got off to a flying start on Saturday with the commencement of principle photography.

The scenes, from third act of the movie, featured Matthew Springett and George Wood as father and son, and were all exterior. After a nervous night checking the weather forecast regularly, director Samuel Marlow decided to risk the exterior shoot.

Armed with umbrellas, blankets and waterproof ponchos, cast and crew risked the weather in a gamble that paid off. Thanks to the location's sheltered position on the lee side of a dell, even the blustery wind was only a minor problem. The production enjoyed borken sunshine for most of the day, only having to suffer a brief hail and thunder storm towards the end of the shoot, which saw crew, cast and some of the cast's family members sheltering beneath a rocky outcrop.

With the help of a dedicated crew and some talented actors, the production was able to get some of the movie's most important and emotional scenes in the metaphorical can. But it wasn't all hard work...

Transmission Interrupted Blooper

Principle photography will continue until mid-March, over which time the production will be joined by more talented actors and crew.

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