About the Ephemeral Short Film Co

The Ephemeral Short Film Co was founded in 2010 by producer Samuel Marlow to handle the production of his short film projects. Operating out of Tunbridge Wells in the Kent countryside, only a short distance from London, Ephemeral was founded to create thoughtful character-driven shorts as an antidote to the current landscape where all seemingly short films look like music videos.

Ephemeral’s first production was the short film Life Is A Stage completed in 2012 about a nightmarish scenario a man finds himself in when he discovers he is on stage in front of a hostile audience and no clue as to what he is supposed to do.

Life Is A Stage

Mark Hoskin (left) and Daniel Jarvis in Life Is A Stage

This was followed in the autumn of 2012 with Kite a silent dark-comedy about a young man who finds a kite lodged in the branches of a tree and decides he will do anything to possess it.


Edward Toll in Kite

The Company has two other shorts in the works. Pilgrims, in pre-production, is a highly expressionist tragedy about two young lovers who run away from the girl’s abusive father. Transmission Interrupted, currently in production, is a gentle family drama about how a father copes with his two very different sons when all of Earth’s electronic equipment is rendered temporarily inoperable by a massive storm.

Transmission Interrupted

Matthew Springett (right) and George Wood in Transmission Interrupted

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