"Transmission Interrupted" Cast and Crew Premiere

15th September 2014

Transmission Interrupted Screening

Northern Lights over England caused by a real solar storm was a fitting prelude to Transmission Interrupted's first screening at an event held for the cast and crew on Sunday.

With the movie's star Matthew Springett embarking as the lead in an international tour of Macbeth almost as soon as shooting wrapped, late summer was the first chance all the cast, crew and their families could sit down to see the fruits of everyone's hard work.

The 35-minute short, about how a technical blackout caused by a solar storm's coronal mass ejection impacts on the strained relationship between a father and his two boys, was screened to the cast, crew and a small number of their friends and family at a private screening in Tunbridge Wells' Trinity Theatre on Sunday 14th September 2014.

Happily the movie was very well received from an admittedly biased audience, and there were tears by the time the credits rolled! A small party was then held at Trinity Theatre, where the cast and crew were rightfully praised for their talent and commitment to the production, with the quality of the performances being a particular talking point.

The short will now be submitted to a number of festivals for consideration.

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